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Nimoy laughing on set while simultaneously annoying Kelley is one of the best things I’ve seen.


Name: amelia
Age: 18
Gender: girl


Food: ramen or greek food
Drink: chocolate milk
Book: a wrinkle in time by madeleine l’engle

Favorite Author: ^madeleine l’engle, or oscar wilde
Song: toooo many… but my top playcount on itunes is “woman’s world” by cher
Movie: some like it hot
TV Show:  x files!!!
Band: xtc, foo fighters, the clash
Solo Artist: cher!!!!
Place: my room, maddy’s house, tokyo japan
School Subject:  life drawing
Sport: none
Male Actor:  david duchovny!!!!!
Female Actor: gillian anderson


Best Friend: maddy
Significant Other:  k
Siblings: none
Dream Job: tattoo artist or costume designer
Political Ideology: left? idk
Religion: not sure
Tattoos: lots!
Piercings: lots on both ears, nose twice
Languages: english, but a tiiiny bit of french


Reason Behind URL: x files fight the future. i have a deathwish on that bee
Reason Behind Icon:
it me
# of Posts:
Why You Joined:
a friend convinced me
First URL:  gosatomi
# of Blogs:
just this. this used to be just an x files blog and i had a personal one on the side, but it got confusing for me and it was too much work to maintain.
Hoarded URLs: 
runningfaggot, beepollenkick, wholelottamilka

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