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something i’ve always particularly disliked about myself, primarily at least, is that i’m a really move-y person. it takes a really long time for me to get comfortable; seated, lying in bed, etc. and even when i’m “comfortable”, i still shift around a lot, readjust, kick my legs back and forth, anything. i’m not an overly energetic person physically, which makes me wonder why i have to do it so much? i’m also not really antsy or uncomfortable in given situations either, but i feel like i might make other people antsy when i’m moving around so much when i’m with them. i wish there was an easy fix to this, because it bugs me just as much as it probably bugs everyone else


My mom just acquired emojis.

(Shes referring to the happy shit emoji which i refused to tell her the location of)


- Baby GA, Extremis Press Conference, 1997. (Image source: b/w edit: lebeeson)